Who We Are

The Federation of Peoples’ Sustainable Development Cooperative (FPSDC), duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority since March 1998, is a nationwide federation of cooperatives, NGOs and peoples’ organizations who are actively engage in sustainable development initiatives. FPSDC’s main thrust is to empower the marginalized sector by providing innovative and responsive programs & services so they can become catalyst of social transformation.

FPSDC is a unique organization that brought together NGOs, POs and cooperatives into one institution to become a sustainable financial mechanism for the disadvantage communities. FPSDC currently assists more than 150 member-organizations distributed all over the country.

From a mere program called Central Loan Fund (CLF), under the Philippine Development Assistance Development Programme (PDAP), it has metamorphosed to a network of PDAP’s affiliate organization that decided to solidify their partners to be a vehicle of drawing the marginalized sectors into the mainstream of the development processes. Thus, the Federation was registered in March 1998 acquiring a juridical personality as a secondary type of cooperative.

FPSDC takes the role of an innovation leader of financial and non-financial services to the marginalized sector. It has pioneered the gorging of partnerships that transcends beyond mere borrower-creditor relationship, partnership that transcends program period, structural formation and geographical location. And in this credit is not treated as financial transaction but a social one.

Our Logo

FPSDC takes the lead in sustainable intervention by extending support for relending activities and sustainable enterprises.

Through financing and entrepreneurship, FPSDC aims to propel and spur a robust economy within communities represented by the industry wheel. FPSDC supports communities in both the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors as represented by the images embedded in the wheel.

Collaboration, however, is necessary to allow the wheel progress to continue to turn. Thus, the green laurel leaves in the shape of hands stand for the collective effort of people and communities that FPSDC believes is necessar to achieve sustainable development.

The yellow color represents the unwavering hope and optimism of EPSDC in investing in people, planet, prosperity and peace.

The green color represents the productivity necessary to achieve the vision, the mission and goals of FPSDC,

  • Social Justice

    FPSDC believes that social justice is a necessary condition to achieve sustainable develpment. Wealth creation mus go alongside equitable distribution.

  • Participation

    We consider our member organizations as partners in achieving our vision. We see them as active stakeholders that constantly contribute to crafting solutions to the challenges of achieving sustainable development with their diverse experience and points of view.

  • Integrity

    FPSDC is committed to promoting transparency and accountability within and beyond its network of organizations. Social cohesion is important in advancing progressive goals by spurring cooperation.

  • Cooperation

    The synergy between non-government organizations, peoples organizations and cooperatives has led to the exchange of ideas and best practices; allowing innovative system-changing solutions to emerge borne out of the collaboration of various groups.

  • Excellence

    FPSDC believes in providing sustainable interventions in the best way possible, We belisve in equipping our partners with the appropriate skills in order to achieve their goaks in the most sufficient and productive means available.

  • Stewardship

    The community and the environment we inhabit is our responsibility. FPSDC stands by its commitment to secure a viable future for the generations to come by advocating and supporting practices that take into account social welfare and environmental preservation.

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